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Makeup:Matte and Glossy Pale Nude Lip

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  • kerendoesmakeup


  • 9o898

    i love your hair …
    i love your hair color =)

  • maddyxjane

    yeah i havent ever …
    yeah i havent ever bleached my hair, only died it a darker brown a few times, well thanks for the info haha :)

  • kerendoesmakeup

    most likely well …
    most likely well at first my hair felt like it was fried and it was really frizzy but after the first time i washed it its gone back to how it was before i dyed it i’d recommend it! unless your hairs been through a ton of damage or if you have thin hair

  • maddyxjane

    ohh okay cool it …
    ohh okay cool it was probably a hair stripper, im thinking about doing that, but i scared my hair will go really dry, how has yours been? Does it feel any different?

  • kerendoesmakeup

    your welcome :] my …
    your welcome :] my stylist actually removed my hair color? i dont really know what that means but thats what he said hah its some chemical that makes your hair like white then he dyed it whatever color that is :]

  • maddyxjane

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the makeup tip. Also How did you get yoru hair that color? Did you have to bleach it? Thanks :) xx

  • kerendoesmakeup

    thanks :] its …
    thanks :] its actually just a digital camera i think casio?

  • mmw21111

    your a pretty girl …
    your a pretty girl

    excellent video quality, what kind of webcam are you using ?

  • kerendoesmakeup

    awh thanks :]
    awh thanks :]

  • desiaroosak

    ur so pretty! i …
    ur so pretty! i love your complexion!

  • kerendoesmakeup

    stay strong!
    stay strong!

  • amandaheartsjermie

    my parents are …
    my parents are crazy too….grrr….im not talking to my dad either so its ok!

  • EarthSpaceTime

    thanks! where can …
    thanks! where can you get that?

  • kerendoesmakeup

    no prob! :] it …
    no prob! :] it works pretty well
    i actually jsut came back from buying the shiseido mascara base and its supposed to prime your lashes and condition them overnight and i actually love it! it not white its clear so you wont have difficulty covering it up and it makes your mascara go on soo much smoother!

  • EarthSpaceTime

    i didn’t know that …
    i didn’t know that there was a curved one for voluminous i will look for that thanx! and hopefully i will find that lash accelerator mascara… if not i will look online
    yeah i had the same problem too… my eyelashes would be still white
    there is also a maybelline black and white mascara that is supposed to hold a curl… i used it once or twice but i like voluminous better

  • kerendoesmakeup

    have you tried the …
    have you tried the loreal voluminous with the curved brush? that should help with the curl
    you can get lash accelerator at rite aid apparently but i’ve looked for it everywhere and i cant find it so probably you can get it somewhere online
    i used to use the black and white ones but i could never cover the white but i really want to get shiseido primer now

  • EarthSpaceTime

    i use loreal carbon …
    i use loreal carbon back voluminous

    the curl doesn’t stay at all with it so i have to curl it after too

    i have to wash it off cause then my eyelashes won’t curl

    i have never tried the ardell lash accelerator is it a mascara? and where can you get it ?

    i have used so many mascaras before i used the black and white maybelline and i don’t think i curled my eyelashes a lot after cause it held the curl

    but voluminous is better

  • kerendoesmakeup

    yeah i curl my …
    yeah i curl my lashes alot too but then i can never put on mascara after cause it will clump
    i really want to try out Ardell Lash Accelerator cause i heard its really good and its only about 3 dollars
    i actually used to do the vaseline thing but i’d never wash it off so thats probably what i was doing wrong what mascara do you use?

  • EarthSpaceTime

    before i put a lot …
    before i put a lot before and after… it looked good but i think it looks great now too and my eyelashes are healing

    about clumping … not really
    and one thing that is good to do is put vaseline on your eyelashes at night and then wash them in the morning (or cut a vitamin e pill and put that) only put that when you have time the next morning because you have to watch it all off in the morning or your eyelashes will be oily

    it really helps

  • EarthSpaceTime

    i know… i am …
    i know… i am addicted to curling my eyelashes after but yeah i can’t live without

    …. i don’t put more mascara on right now after i curl cause i want my eyelashes to be healthier

    right now i just blow dry my curler… curl… one coat of mascara…. then curl like 10 times until it looks good

  • kerendoesmakeup

    thanks :] i know! …
    thanks :] i know! its so bad but its really holds the curl
    so can you put more on after you curl? or will it clump

  • EarthSpaceTime

    sorry about your …
    sorry about your parents

    i do the same thing curl my lashes after mascara
    even though it is bad

    i started having lots of eyelashes fall out so what i do now is i put a little less mascara and curl and my eyelashes don’t fall out
    just put less before you curl

  • kerendoesmakeup

    aww i’m sorry to …
    aww i’m sorry to hear that! and thanks ha no i never use it

  • blayker492

    I faced the same …
    I faced the same situation that u had where my parents insisted that i join the boarding school which sucked,i didnt like at all espically that i had life time friends in my school and i was really upset!! Anyway i left that school after causing big time drama there lol!!But yea i know how it feels like.
    And your hair looks great so dont worry about it.
    btw do you work out lol?cause i can see some gym equipments there:D

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