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How to Find your Perfect Foundation Shade

Celebrity Beauty Expert helps you in finding your Perfect Foundation Makeup Shade.
No more makeup nightmares!
Get the Facts :)

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  • curlideva

    Great tips thanks
    Great tips thanks

  • ItsOnlyWarPaint

    “Well said”
    “Well said”

  • fobbygirlfcs

    Lol I had noooo …
    Lol I had noooo idea putting foundation down your neck was old school! Thank you!

  • avenue2006

    Woooo viva El …
    Woooo viva El Salvador!!

  • sheena9090

    I think it’s …
    I think it’s important to view foundation in natural light like you said. Should the foundation on the jaw line just be streaked against your skin tone or somewhat blended. What if it oxidises over time? Should you get a lighter shade to compensate? Thank you :)

  • TiMalice2009

    Great vids.
    Great vids.

  • sorana87

    Love your videos!
    Love your videos!

  • Penelope Ruiz

    Gosh I love you …
    Gosh I love you dude…you speak so down to earth and like a normal regular person…I would love que me hicieras tu mi makeup!!! Keep those videos coming…lol :)

  • BeautyByDChinchilla

    hahahahhaha!! yea …
    hahahahhaha!! yea i need to figure out how not to say OKAY lol

  • pixiemama5000

    Great job! You are …
    Great job! You are so funny, yeah sometimes the counter people are clueless lol, although the Mac counter seems to be knowledgeable. Good info!!!

  • chell0213

    Okay? Okay? Okay? …
    Okay? Okay? Okay? Okay? Okay? Love your videos though okay? Haahah thanks for sharing okay? <33333 not hating okay? Hahahahaha love you dchinchilla okay? Okay. :)

  • aliciacouponlopez Villareal

    Luv it!!
    Luv it!!

  • taesher29

    Love your videos, …
    Love your videos, Arriba Guanacos! :) ;) <3

  • lolamendoza922

    Lov your videos3
    Lov your videos3

  • threesthekey

    <3 Thank you for …
    <3 Thank you for making this video… I’m of very mixed heritage and have quite a yellow based brown skin tone. The closest shade to my skin that I’ve found is NC42, but it is NOT yellow enough for me. Do you know of a shade from any company that is NC42, but yellower? <3

  • WildDoveX

    Always enjoy your …
    Always enjoy your info, however the heavy beat while you’re talking is very annoying – better without!

  • SuperLola1213

    Omgee ain’t that …
    Omgee ain’t that the truth!! I’ve been matched wrong so many times its like ugh!! Lol I would love to go to one of your workshops!!!

  • AMCG40

    Very helpful …
    Very helpful information. I feel I can totally trust you. Your the first person I have heard say that you can actually have two tones on your face because I definately do and didn’t know what to purchase at the cosmetics counter. Thank you again Daniel… I have subscribed to your channel and look forward to more helpful tips and tutorials. BTW… you are a very handsome man with a beautiful smile.

  • Mrandolph1962

    You should sell …
    You should sell Mary Kay!

  • MakeupLove89

    So helpful because …
    So helpful because i always go to mac&buy NC35 but last week i decided to try something else so i went into sephora&i saw kat von d foundation so the lady tried it on me&match me up to a #52 it looked like she had found my color but they end up running out so she gave me some samples the next day i tried on&i fell inlove with the covarage BUT i went out and my face looked so dark&my neck and the rest of my body looked lighter,so now i can go back now that i learned some new tips, thanks

  • BeautyByDChinchilla

    This made me so …
    This made me so happy <3 mwah

  • jmchch

    Love ur videos! …
    Love ur videos! Thanks for share with us ur knowledge 3

  • kelly velasquez

    thanks this was …
    thanks this was helpful

  • Becca Simmons

    I agree with you …
    I agree with you with not trusting the people at the make up counters. I worked in cosmetic retail for a while, and I wouldn’t even trust my coworkers to do my make up. People at the counters are there because they know how to sell products and do not necessarily know how to do make up correctly.

  • adriekaye

    great tips
    great tips

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