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2013 Sleek Makeup Haul…palettes, lipsticks, liners, and blush

Hey cuties,
new sleek haul
i love sleek makeup cosmetics.
they are inexpensive, but high quality.
check out there website to see the latest:

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Comments (14)

  • Theresaann Grassi

    I had gotten the …
    I had gotten the sleek oh so special a few weeks ago. I’m thrilled with it. I wasn’t sure if I dare to go back for more. Honestly it seems to good to be true. I’m so glad to see your views on this. My husband will be happy too with the price.

  • Marisela Torres

    im so going to make …
    im so going to make an order today :) thanx for the haul LOVE IT

  • Jessi Nagy

    thanks doll
    thanks doll

  • Jessi Nagy

    aaahh thanks girls. …
    aaahh thanks girls. 

  • Toilie Baker

    I LOVE the new …
    I LOVE the new hair. I know Ive left that comment on another video, but it really does look great. And I agree with GreyOctoberX, I would love to see outfits of the day videos or more fashion along with the makeup.

  • GreyOctoberX

    Your blouse is very …
    Your blouse is very pretty! That color looks great on you. You should’ve done an outfit of the day for this look! I’ve never tried Sleek but have only heard good things about them. Guess I’ll have to try them out soon! :)

  • Jessi Nagy



  • Jessi Nagy

    hey there,
    that was …

    hey there,
    that was my total from the check out?? they are comp to ud. allot cheaper!!!
    there palettes are really great. But i still love my ud palettes.

  • makeupghitti

    LOve love love ur …
    LOve love love ur new look!!u look 10 yrs younger!!how did u do it to get 5 shipping..i tried ordering last wk and it said shipping is 10 bucks and i live in tx??r the sleek eyeshadows compareable to urban decay?

  • whatamievendoing13

    Are you a makeup …
    Are you a makeup artist

  • Jessi Nagy

    thanks. i have a …
    thanks. i have a makeup tour, and storage video.
    just a few videos ago. just scroll down. thanks

  • Jessi Nagy

    aaahh thanks
    aaahh thanks

  • MoDiva38

    I have Sleek on my …
    I have Sleek on my to do list…lol..You look amazing doll, coral is your color!

  • dvoted4life

    thanks for the info …
    thanks for the info loven the back round can you do a tour

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