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♥ Makeup Haul! Mac Inglot & Walgreens ♥

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Mineralized Charged water

Amber glow

Lip glass
Get rich Quick
Jus Superb

Smoked Purple
Candy YumYum

Naked Liner

Brick Red
Studio fix fluid nw47

Slim gel lipstick 60, 65
Lipgloss 49
Matte Lipstick 419
Concealer 73

Covergirl 3n1 foundation color brown spice
Neutrogena Healty volume mascara
rimmel scandleyes liner

Lacome juicy tube peach nectar

im using a canon t3i 18-55mm lens edited with powerdirector 11 :-)

hair is from princess hair shop: russian straight 26/24/26 platinum collection installed on upart with closure :-);jsessionid=AEDB2A7B77403E09B17B3B320E672CBE.qscstrfrnt04?categoryId=24

How to make the upart:

email me @ for business inquires only


Duration : 0:15:47

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  • Ashley B

    Hey ivy I have a …
    Hey ivy I have a question. When I do my winged eye look my product seems to end on my lids during mid day. I prime my eye and use a setting spray. I use Too Faced 3 way lash lining tool. What can I do for it to be fresh all day without any product moving. Thanks :-)

  • poisonflowerivy

    @Nena Fowler hey …
    @Nena Fowler hey nena and I don’t think so and a haul is just a gathering of products lol to review and thanks babe!! :-)

  • Nena Fowler

    Hi Ivy, u look …
    Hi Ivy, u look great as always (luv ur confidence)…im new to the make-up world, so I wanted to ask, wht is a make-up Haul? Also did u get my ques. about the Bellebre hair tht i ordered?

  • KnowingYourWorth

    Can you please do …
    Can you please do a video with Candy Yum Yum.

  • Marikka Wikki

    Hey ivy, can u do …
    Hey ivy, can u do a tutorial using the Mac nw47, it’s so freakin orange on me!!!

  • MsLuv8182

    Thanks for the haul …
    Thanks for the haul and the tips

  • sexybeeya

    Ivy I love this …
    Ivy I love this haul so much but make sure you change the options to automatic so that it focuses on its own ! xx

  • MsDeatrice1

    Ivy what kind of …
    Ivy what kind of work do you do? Are you a make up artist or hair stylist your make up and hair is always cute

  • sumstas

    i love seeing hauls …
    i love seeing hauls pls share more of your hauls with us :)

  • Alicia Taylor

    i meant nice …
    i meant nice products smdh

  • Alicia Taylor

    luved it!! mac …
    luved it!! mac really has products lol

  • ninacollins23

    Love your videos …
    Love your videos love the hair color but it seems to stringy WHAT kind of hair is that?…

  • jazzygul32

    Great haul! Looks …
    Great haul! Looks like I’ll be spending some more money! Lol

  • 9katmoore

    Great stuff, I …
    Great stuff, I love juicy tubes!

  • DeeshaJones17

    hey ivy i wanted to …
    hey ivy i wanted to know where you get your music from i dont wanna get copy writed

  • sparkle917

    I love you with …
    I love you with color hair. :)

  • Belle Marie

    Do the mac glass …
    Do the mac glass lipglosses work as an all day lipstick or is it just a cover over lipsticks?

  • mrsvanhook27

    Hey ivy if u dont …
    Hey ivy if u dont mind me askin. How do u edit ur videos for youtube?

  • KittenAllTheTime

    Funky Dineva: Ur …
    Funky Dineva: Ur hair is giving me cowardly Lion Tease – Yo hair is layed like “ease on down the road” lol



  • Clarke Randolph

    hey ivy! can you …
    hey ivy! can you make an announcement next time you’ll be live? i always miss it :[

  • kia terry

    Girl you could have …
    Girl you could have gotten some water in a bottle and sprayed it on your face for hydration…lol

  • poisonflowerivy

    @Josie Will sure
    @Josie Will sure

  • poisonflowerivy

    @4itsrox it must of …
    @4itsrox it must of just come back in stock online because I hardly ever shop in stores

  • poisonflowerivy

    @coco4kenzie girlll …
    @coco4kenzie girlll no ugh lol

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