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Review and Demo: Maybelline “The Rocket” Mascara!

Brief review and demo on the new Maybelline “The Rocket” Mascara.





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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the brands used or mentioned in this video.

Duration : 0:7:5

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  • Lylieify

    You are really …
    You are really pretty! Great demo! :)

  • JENNY010

    JENNY010 1 second …
    JENNY010 1 second ago
    I bought this mascara because of you. I haven’t tried it yet though. I can’t wait to open it up lol :)

  • vcoral87

    Thank you so much! …
    Thank you so much! <3 I hope you enjoy my videos!

  • vcoral87

    You need to get it …
    You need to get it, it’s so good!!! =D

  • RavenBreeTaliatao

    I subbed, you’re …
    I subbed, you’re soooo gorgeous!

  • vcoral87

    I will see what I …
    I will see what I can do =D

  • vcoral87

    Thank you so much! …
    Thank you so much! The lipstick is actually called “temptress” from CG, it’s so pretty, I purchased it recently <3 *HINT* I’m having a giveaway very soon, keep your eyes peeled =D

  • vcoral87

    Thank you, I really …
    Thank you, I really love this mascara, especially with the 2 coats :) I saw Ingrid’s “get ready with me video” and she was using this mascara, but I think that it might have been the waterproof version because the packaging was a different color and she was using it on her bottom lashline. Loved her video, thinking of doing a get ready with me soon, it looks fun! =D

  • vcoral87

    Thanks so much …
    Thanks so much Candice! You should really check it out, I absolutely LOVE IT! I forgot to mention in the video that, even though it’s washable, I find that it’s kinda water resistant. It comes off thoroughly with eye makeup remover, at leas without rubbing your eyes much. I actually LOVE that, because it doesn’t transfer to my bottom lashline =D

  • vcoral87

    that’s so sweet, …
    that’s so sweet, thank you!

  • Michelle Ortiz

    omg!!! i like it …
    omg!!! i like it so muchhhhh i want it

  • peaceluvsoccer32

    Your hair is …
    Your hair is gorgeous!

  • dcoral85

    I want it!!! …
    I want it!!! Haven’t seen it yet here though :( 

  • FancyThatwithCandice

    Great review, Val!! …
    Great review, Val!! Your lashes looked AMAZING with this on…especially after the second coat! I will have to check this out!! xo Candice

  • gabigailgonzalez

    The eye lashes look …
    The eye lashes look pretty good. I just saw Ingrid from missglamaratzzi do a get ready with me and she used this as well but over another mascara.

  • Lara Cibenečki

    Vaal my dear! Love …
    Vaal my dear! Love that video! <3
    Could you make a giveaway for the mascara i would love to have it! :D D
    Also love your lipstic! What is it?

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