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WE HAVE A PROBLEM! THIS VIDEO CUTS OUT JUST BEFORE THE END. I DON’T KNOW WHY… I REALLY DON’T. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( The info regarding smashbox is that the shadows are chalky and the blush and bronzers won’t work for women of colour :(

Here is a little list of products that i regret buying for various reasons.
INGLOT black eye pencil no.2
EYELURE heated curled
URBAN DECAY glitter eyeliner
Japonesque brow kit
MUFE smoky lash mascara
illamasqua gleam cream
INGLOT body sparkles
MUFE diamond powder


I have recommend this product before and its still an amazing mascara BUT it dries out SOOOOO fast that unless you use it everyday it is not worth your money – and for that reason its listed here. I would not buy it again for that reason soul as i prefer other mascaras to this one.

Wayne :)

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  • pajamagirl123

    Those shoe …
    Those shoe subscription sites are another waste of money. It’s not like you’re getting the best of the best in designer shoes. You’re getting shoes that are also sold at Marshall/Ross/TJ Maxx etc. It’s the lower quality stuff, which is how they’re able to sell it for so cheap. I hate when people get sucked into that stuff cuz they don’t know any better.

  • mAdvertsify

    I got the MUFe …
    I got the MUFe mascara but haven’t opened it yet. Hope it’s not all dried up. Will open n use asap!!

  • kthienaii

    I’m really glad you …
    I’m really glad you said that! I trust Wayne’s advice/tips/reviews much more than I do gurus like Michelle Phan. I understand she’s trying to make money but she endorses way too many companies just to be paid, for instance her video for the ‘shoe subscription’ website. I’ve never really run out and bought things she reviews AKA endorses but I usually will run out and grab products Wayne talks about in his videos.

  • huneebeedee

    Diamond powder?! …
    Diamond powder?! Where do i find coastal scents?

  • April Jane Regañon Tan

    The video got cut …
    The video got cut off

  • Fee Liu

    More video like …
    More video like this plz ???

  • Martu2097

    I’m from Poland, …
    I’m from Poland, and I’m wondering why Inglot, which is polish brand is soo ridiculously expensive in UK. I quite like their products mainly because I get relatively good quality for not big money.
    Especially like their eyeshadows. what do you think about them?
    Thanks for answer. Take care :*

  • rockfeak10

    Coastal cents? Or …
    Coastal cents? Or sents? Do tell more wayne :) im extreamly curious about tgeir diamond powder

  • bassistsunite2nite

    Thanks! Love these …
    Thanks! Love these kinds of videos! :)

  • amhammond2003

    I’d be happy to …
    I’d be happy to take the smashbox eyeshadows off your hands!! :P Great video, keep em’ coming. There’s nothing worse than wasting your money on a product that doesn’t deliver!

  • sherrinesmail

    Gutted …The video …
    Gutted …The video finished halfway ….:-(

  • riverdaughter3

    Mebbe they should …
    Mebbe they should do a separate palette for women of color. I have the exact opposite problem. Most eyeshadow shades, blushers and bronzers are too dark for me. Even Mac’s Woodwinked, which looks like a light goldy brown on everyone else looks extremely dark on me. So, you know, there’s that. Pale women are as ill-served as dark women. Something to think about…

  • cheykiddd

    @F0eticide Yeah i …
    @F0eticide Yeah i get that part. Its just that,20$ TO ME, is worth so much more then specs of fine powder in a tiny pretty glasses pot packaging.

  • Brittany Vanzallas

    If I met you, I …
    If I met you, I think I would cry…

  • Annelise Cantrell

    I totally agree …
    I totally agree with smokey lash! It dries up in two weeks!

  • F0eticide

    its part of his job …
    its part of his job always to search for the best make up he can get. That makes his work better and more reliable, more beautiful and even more professional. Unfortunately, there isnt always a way to now if the product worth the price unless you get it. Its like a shot in the dark.

  • Luvcouponing83

    He’s right about …
    He’s right about the forever makeup mascara…horrible. I

  • dearestagony

    <3 you are so …
    <3 you are so adorable 

  • cheykiddd

    Why would you spend …
    Why would you spend 20$ on a small pot of dust in the first place,no offence. Serious question

  • brendastyles

    I do hate the …
    I do hate the heated eyelash curler as well and I do own a smashbox pallet i to do agree that the shadows are chalky so i use another cream shadow (a shade lighter) as a base and the smashbox shadows on top because i do feel like the smashbox has great pigment.

  • latrice789

    You look great dear …
    You look great dear love your vlogs 3

  • TheHippyFashionista

    Fantastic video as …
    Fantastic video as always! Hope you all take a moment to check out my channel as well.


  • erosandthanathos

    you lost a lot …

    you lost a lot of weight :) are you there jet, do the 40 something shirts fit? ;)

    love your videos!

  • ZainyKwait

    I love you
    I love you

  • stacyg318

    Great video! I …
    Great video! I totally agree about Smashbox, I like some of their stuff (the Halo powder & blush) but the eye shadows stink!!

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