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Eyes AND Lips? Absolutely!

Have your cake and eat it too, Ladies (and Gents)!

MAC Painterly Paint Pot
MAC Cinderfella e/s
MAC Soft Brown Matte e/s
MAC Carbon e/s
MAC Blanc Type e/s
MAC Feline eye kohl
Red Cherry #74 Lashes
Fling brow pencil

Tarte Park Ave Princess bronzer
MAC Sculpt contour
MAC Pink Swoon blush

MAC Rebel l/s

The brushes I was talking about are by Ava Liu:

Duration : 0:3:47

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  • MrsEssra

    One word .. …
    One word .. Professional

  • TheVeryCoolLoser

    myrtle from great …
    myrtle from great gatsby lmaooo

  • OlvOyl4383

    Do you like using …
    Do you like using the airbrushing for the make up I was wondering how well it works and how long it lasts throughout the day.

  • LadyLittleBlackDress

    She looks gorgeous!
    She looks gorgeous!

  • maxpowermezzo

    What a fantastic …
    What a fantastic transformation! Brava!!

  • Lydia976

    bellissimo ^_^
    bellissimo ^_^

  • marisolmendoza06

    You are so talented …
    You are so talented…your tutorials are an inspiration to me and have helped me along the way…you rocked this look, it was just amazing!

  • firstldycreole

    Beautiful! I loved …
    Beautiful! I loved her response.

  • maddyfairy

    I love her …
    I love her reaction!

  • Oriebir08

    Thank you so much. …
    Thank you so much. I’m gonna look for them now lol.
    Love your vids, you’re very talent and kind.

  • lucky0angel

    Wow, gorgeous!
    Wow, gorgeous!

  • SarahVictor

    I got the wrist …
    I got the wrist tattoos from Jo Harrison (UK) at a tattoo convention and Max Rothert of Off The Map Tattoo.

  • SarahVictor

    The brushes from …
    The brushes from Hong Kong are by Ava Liu. They’re simply amazing and I venture to say…better than MAC.

  • SarahVictor

    Oh no worries :) I …
    Oh no worries :) I am still going to do those. I’ve been getting requests to makeup other people, so I figured I’d get to THAT request first haha. There’s going to be 2 more tutorials on different faces, then it’ll be me again.

  • Agatha Xaris Villa

    That’s a new way of …
    That’s a new way of using Woodwinked. I love it but sometimes it can be a little too gold. putting it over black will give it more depth. I have no idea why I never thought of that before. AWESOME!!! Also, I absolutely loved your model’s reaction – she seemed almost sheepish. Awwww….. You’re beautiful hun – with or without the makeup. Sarah, you HAVE to make her into a flapper girl. You just have to!

  • Tiffany Filippini

    BREATHTAKING! and i …
    BREATHTAKING! and i adore the addition of woodwinked!! im going to have to try that the next time i do a black smokey eye!! also, your camera quality is so amazing!

  • stepb24

    You make applying …
    You make applying make up seem so easy and flawless. When I try to apply dark eyeshadow I end up looking like I have a black eye. I suppose sometimes I just don’t have the patience to put on a lot of make up. Most days I just put on a little bit of eyeliner (so it is easy to see the difference between the white of my eye and the white pale skin) and maybe a little bit of mascara.

  • Oriebir08

    Could you please …
    Could you please reapet the name of the brand of the brushes from Hong Kong you used? And about the concealer brush, I guess it’s mac 130.
    Love the look.

  • madammimm

    Where were the …
    Where were the brushes from again? – fab look by the way :) )

  • MichalaHenrichsen

    You are really good …
    You are really good!!! OMG It’s so pretty!!

  • MaiaGlor

    she’d make the most …
    she’d make the most gorgeous flapper *_*

  • EGvotreamie

    She is so cute! And …
    She is so cute! And the makeup is amazing! I need Rebel lipstick… :S

  • CoffeeIsMyCrack

    i love your tattoos …
    i love your tattoos!! where did you get them done if you dont mind me asking?

  • jsandlin08

    You’re awesome!!
    You’re awesome!!

  • barbr100

    You are a fabulous …
    You are a fabulous artist!

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