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Rose Gold & Teal: Holiday Makeup Tutorial

Tutorial for the bun in this video |
I did my hair the same way, just tucked the pieces in to make it look less “messy” ;)

Self-Adhesive False Lash Tutorial |

Sigma Performance Eyes Brush Kit:
My Performance Eyes review:

Teal & Rose Gold post with a list of products and additional photos:



INSTAGRAM | @MakeupByAlli

*I’m a bonafide user of Sigma products and a member of their Beauty Affiliate Program! Anyone can join! For more info visit the Sigma website :)

What I’m Wearing:
earrings: Forever 21
bracelets and necklace: Charming Charlie
top: Target
faux fur sweater vest: DKNY
Nails: Revlon Colorstay Bare Bones

Other Makeup:
Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation in Natural Beige
Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Camera: Canon Rebel T4i
Software: Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects

Music: Some Sweet Day by Chill Purpose

Not a sponsored video.

Duration : 0:9:18

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  • SweetNSassyBeauty

    This was gorgeous
    This was gorgeous

  • KidSteph23


  • jenny eli mä

    oot niin kaunis. <3
    oot niin kaunis. <3

  • imustbeforeign

    Love this look. …
    Love this look. I’ve been watching tons of your videos, and you’re so helpful and articulate! Subscribed :D

  • IJustCantLiveALie

    This look is …
    This look is beautiful.

  • Livee Jent

    What color are …
    What color are your nails?

  • dimplechops88

    This is sooo pretty
    This is sooo pretty

  • beniaus

    Ur sooo pretty!!! …
    Ur sooo pretty!!! Can you please make a tutorial on make up with no brushes pleaseeee. Thank youuu xoxo

  • gorgeouslyobsessed

    i love the teal …
    i love the teal lining on the lower lash line! its so different and beautiful! I have a beauty page too and it would be so aweomse ifyou checked it out and let me know what you think! :D

  • josilynarellano

    I’m a single mom …
    I’m a single mom and trying to play with my makeup and feel better about my looks. Ur videos are amazing I love every video u ha e done. U have helped me out a lot.thank u

  • grt8girl1

    Eyeliner could have …
    Eyeliner could have been better but other than that beautiful

  • Vendelaz

    What camera are you …
    What camera are you using to film your videos? Really enjoy watching them btw, good job! :)

  • 04Countrygal

    This is a gorgeous …
    This is a gorgeous look and you are soooo pretty!!! I know this sounds like a silly question, but I’ve seen it a few times on different channels. Why do you have the MAC eye shadow without it in a container? Can you just buy them like that??

  • Stéphanie Stu

    you’re wonderful
    you’re wonderful

  • Gumdropz786

    Where can u find …
    Where can u find sleek cosmetics

  • Tracyts14

    Great look and …
    Great look and LOVE the necklace..

  • zcdotcom

    Hey Guys check out …
    Hey Guys check out my Makeup Haul and subscribe to win MAC Plush Brush Kit Giveaway

  • vakaloka22

    Love all your looks …
    Love all your looks!! Kisses from Spain

  • MsAshley98765

    omg you are so …
    omg you are so gorgeous!!!

  • truestyle12

    Hey everyone! …
    Hey everyone! Youtube beauty gurus have been a huge source of inspiration for me ever since I started watching them! Because of that I recently began filming videos to hopefully make a positive impact and inspire someone else :) I would love if you guys would check out my channel TRUESTYLE12 a mishmash of beauty, fashion and of course style! NEW VIDS EVERY TUESDAY & FRIDAY!! Thanks!!!

  • Kayla Caldwell

    I’ve recently …
    I’ve recently started making videos again if you could check out my channel that would mean the world to me!

  • cassandrasawesome

    What the heck why …
    What the heck why didn’t I see this in my subscriptions?! I hate the new YouTube layout thing

  • SephoraCraze05

    Hey everyone, I …
    Hey everyone, I know these are so annoying but I’m new on youtube and I would really appreciate it if you all checked out my channel! I have more videos to come and since I’m new, I listen to all my suggestions and I’m actually going to be filming a new video today (:. Sooo pleasee check out my channel! Thank you so much everyone (: <3

  • Snow alh

    I have this palette …
    I have this palette
    I use to hate it , but i’m not anymore thanks to you

  • parvpatil

    There is actually a …
    There is actually a mark. (Avon) palette with 5 cream shadows in it, and one of them is very similar to the Laura Mercier one. They don’t sell that one anymore :( but there is a cream eyeshadow set in cubes and it looks like there is a similar shade in it and also they have eyeshadow sticks with one color that is similar :) if you want, you could check out the website :) I don’t sell mark. so I’m not trying to sell anything to you :P Just an option that’s all :)

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