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Hey Guys!

I hope your all doing well, This Makeup Tutorial will show you ‘How To Look Great When Your Feeling Tired’. Having had only 3 hours sleep in this video, I demonstrate to you the tips and tricks to make you appear as though you’ve had 8 – hours sleep instead of just 2 or 3 :)

This video is also a good makeup tutorial for anyone who suffers from under eye bags or dark circles, I show you how you can erase your dark circles with cleaver makeup techniques.

Also if you’ve always wanted to learn how to apply red lipstick with the rest of your makeup , I show you how to pul it of with style and glamour. Get a celebrity Red carpet look with my makeup tutorial.

This video does go nto quite a bit of detail so I hope that these added bonuses don’t bore any of you, I just felt that there was so much great information contained in the video that I had to share it with you guys as I didn’t want to edit the video so much, that you miss out on all the great details contained in it :)

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Below is a lis of all the products I used in the Video.

Clinique – Dramatically Different Moisturiser – For Dry/ Combination skin
Artist of Makeup – Flawless Finish Foundation
Artist of Makeup – Buff Brush
Artist of Makeup – Concealer Brush
Artist of Makeup – Precision Brush
Artist of Makeup – HD Cream Foundation Shade 1 and Shade 2
Artist of Makeup – Stardust Eyeshadow
Artist of Makeup – Detail Brush
Artist of Makeup – Nutmeg Eyeshadow
Artist of Makeup – Deluxe Crease Brush
Artist of Makeup – Moon Beam Eyeshadow
Artist of Makeup – Shadow Brush
Artist of Makeup – Lush Liner Waterproof Eyeliner – Black
Artist of Makeup – Extreme Art Eyeliner Pen
Artist of Makeup – ‘The One’ Mascara – Black
Artist of Makeup – ‘Are Those Real’ False Lashes
Artist of Makeup – Nude Blush
Artist of Makeup – ‘ALL THAT RED’ Lip Carousel also used as a Cream Blush

Hope you Enjoy the video :)
Have a fantastic day, whatever your doing and I’ll see you in the next video!!

Take care

Zukreat xxx
The Artist of Makeup
Howto & Style
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  • Lorraine May

    Great video! Love …
    Great video! Love your makeup! Please check out my channel for makeup tutorials! Thank you!!!

  • FloralCharms

    Another great video …
    Another great video. I have registered my interest on your website and I’m looking forward to the launch x

  • beautyinmyeyesXO

    Wat ethnicity are …
    Wat ethnicity are you? You are stunning. And I have the same color brows too lol. Brown does not suit my brows.

  • 180ashi

    I love your videos! …
    I love your videos! You’re an absolutely amazingly talented artist! Its a true inspiration for us young make-up artists to watch you and learn your makeup techniques! Thank you for posting these videos and please please don’t stop! <3

  • Tiffanythinks

    check out my HUGE …
    check out my HUGE INTERNATIONAL giveaway and let me know what products you would like in my next giveaway from LONDON

    Thank you






  • arsha916


  • Gizem sanane

    thats verry nice x
    thats verry nice x

  • angileka1987

    that was lovely ^^ …
    that was lovely ^^
    I have a question for you if you don’t mind zukreat, are you persian?

  • Camille Adonna

    this makeup is so …
    this makeup is so beautiful!! I love your techniques <3 really wanna try that liner pen. It would mean a lot if you check out my new channel! :)

  • hilmAms

    thanx dear i like …
    thanx dear i like ur videos , can u plz put a video to teach us how to cover the exit hear of our eye brrow, for the peaple who dont like to remove thier eye brow , or they like to change thier style, thanx , Allah bless u .

  • lulum28

    even with the power …
    even with the power of the internet, you still haven’t noticed people of different ethnicities have different features? wow

  • ThatGirlAmina

    Hey, check out my …
    Hey, check out my channel for Hijab Tutorials!

  • jhoss1478

    Hi Any idea when …
    Hi Any idea when the make up brands will be launched. I can`t wait to try them.

  • Sanaz Q

    And the lashes …
    And the lashes offcourse!!

  • Sanaz Q


  • Sanaz Q

    Very nice. I am …
    Very nice. I am waiting for your launch. .. I would be interested in your eye liner, lip carousel, and a few brushes. Hope u price them reasonable compared to other brands. You will succeed more! Cant wait xx

  • Mohammed Shubiar

    Muslims women are  …
    Muslims women are  queens

  • shelly ahmed

    You look stunning …
    You look stunning mashallah! I would love for you to come to Birmingham & do my makeup :) x

  • Tiffanythinks

    check out my …
    check out my INTERNATIONAL giveaway and let me know what products you would like in my next giveaway

    Thank you

  • elisha paul

    i’d give ANYTHING …
    i’d give ANYTHING for your eyebrows. I’m native american and Lebanese and was born with eyebrows like yours, but i plucked them so bad over the years they are non-existent now and no longer grow.

  • Sermin Sayan

    What ethnicity are …
    What ethnicity are you?

  • MinKo Ayan Mone de

    can you make a …
    can you make a videos for the hijab like how to wear hijab

  • Aneela06

    This is such a …
    This is such a simple elegant look.

  • jenderal23


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