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Classic Beauty Makeup Tutorial

If anyone lives a life of classic style, it’s Kate Middleton. This look features full-on makeup with a focus on eyeliner and blush, but in a way that’s subtle, feminine, and refined.

Duration : 0:8:5

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  • TaintedReality21

    For those asking …
    For those asking her to show products she’s using, this channel is specifically dedicated to demonstrating the brushes, and the ways that they can be used–that way you can use your own products to recreate the looks with the Real Technique brushes.

    On pixiwoo’s channel, they do makeup tutorials there and focus more on the products.

  • Amika Amk

    those eyes  o.O
    those eyes  o.O

  • lhd143

    Can u list ur …
    Can u list ur products pleaseeeeeee

  • rebeccan1989

    Dope2111 and …
    Dope2111 and macbarbie07 have both just used your brushes in their latest videos :-) . Made me smile haha

  • AllThingsThroughJC

    Go check out Taylor …
    Go check out Taylor Swift’s music video “22.” Your makeup brush is in it!

  • paularosz

    Hi Sam! Have you …
    Hi Sam! Have you seen new Taylor Swift music video? Your brush is in it!!! How crazy is that? :)
    I love you and everything you do!

  • Karin King

    it is so, so …
    it is so, so awesome you made ur high quality brushes afforadable…..i highly respect you for that! We all thank you! again and again…….no greed here…..

  • Paintyface

    You look so much …
    You look so much like Rachel Weiss. You’re both so gorgeous!

  • missguitarchic

    can you show the …
    can you show the products that you are using in future makeup videos? thanks :)

  • Vanessa Luckey

    Please make the …
    Please make the deluxe crease and base show brush available as a single!!! I love your brushes!!!

  • al3afreeta

    wat foundation is …
    wat foundation is this ?

  • joramas87

    Best brushes ever!! …
    Best brushes ever!!! I have them all!!!

  • Gabriela Villarreal Romo

    i mean, i have, but …
    i mean, i have, but even without make-up, Sam!!! It’s epic!

  • Gabriela Villarreal Romo

    i hadn’t noticed …
    i hadn’t noticed how gorgeous your eyes are!!!

  • nata varon

    How can i get the …
    How can i get the real techniques brushes if i am from Colombia?

  • xAislynnx

    I like how though …
    I like how though you used the techniques to achieve a Kate Middleton look, it looks more sultry on you.

  • exotichris24

    To the person …
    To the person asking for the stippling brush:
    My RT Stippling brush works great, no shedding. It’s like new after 1.5 years.

  • exotichris24

    I loved this. I …
    I loved this. I have the core collection and now I want the eye set of brushes even though I have MAC ones and don’t really need more, but Real Technique’s brushes are so soft and great quality at a great price point that I can’t help myself.

  • teal61579

    I like this. It …
    I like this. It does look very easy to do

  • Alexis R

    I have almost every …
    I have almost every brush you make. They’re amazing. Best brushes I’ve tried.

  • Kitty Schrow Dowd

    I LOVE the RT …
    I LOVE the RT brushes! Changed my life :)

  • JazzyLeZoo

    ur brush should be …
    ur brush should be patented technology…its the most amazing thing

  • sylvie8708

    have u used a real …
    have u used a real technique brush? if you do, you will diffidently get that result :D
    i never want to use an other anymore!

  • sylvie8708

    i never use an …
    i never use an other brand of foundation brush they are just amazing!
    your foundation really blends in sooooo good,
    They are just the best!
    Thank u !!

  • Karina Kane

    i can never get my …
    i can never get my foundation to look this flawless…

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