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My Foundation and Concealer Routine for Flawless looking skin


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My everyday eye makeup routine video:

Tarte Amazonian clay full coverage foundation in the shade Medium

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer in the shade Ivory

Tarte Park Avenue Princess Matte Waterproof Bronzer

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Comments (25)


    you look like …
    you look like kristin cavalari…pretty

  • Arti Shah

    I love the tarte …
    I love the tarte foundation!!!!!!!ITS AMAZING. …EVERYONE SHOULD BUY IT..ITS WORTH IT

  • Elianna Ruela

    Do you buy your …
    Do you buy your tarte foundation right off of the website or do you know of a place that sells it cheaper? :)

  • queenmarry15

    Your so beautiful …
    Your so beautiful ! So jealous

  • Clarissa Acuna

    Omg!!! I can never …
    Omg!!! I can never find good foundation for my face but when I tried this one it worked so good…It covered my large pores without bringing them out more..Thank you so mush :-D

  • Estefania Duarte

    what kind of blush …
    what kind of blush and lipstick did ou used.. I like it beause it looks very natural and the blush it’s not like pink.. you should have added to you video…

  • MissYoly A

    You remind me of …
    You remind me of Mandy Moore :-)

  • DeceivingAppearance

    couldn’t you use …
    couldn’t you use the concealer for your eyelids instead of the primer? is there any difference between them?

  • Blue Skies for Me Please

    ty 4 the info, …
    ty 4 the info, bought the foundation, happy with it but a bit drying or it shows dry spots I can’t normally see. Have u tried the matching concealer? Why did u chose a different brand? luv ur videos :)

  • Kody Draper

    I have the worst …
    I have the worst bags. I can’t find anything to hide them. Any Suggestions?

  • Megan Vansickle

    why are you …
    why are you actually so pretty……

  • lenecarlos97

    @ …
    @TheBarbieGirl012345 its MAC’s paint pot in Painterly

  • Nattynatnat1984

    You remind me of …
    You remind me of Mandy Moore when you’re bare faced

  • TheBarbieGirl012345

    what was the thing …
    what was the thing she used on her eyelids?

  • Allison Lowry

    After watching your …
    After watching your videos I had to try out this foundation/concealer/bronzer because I was almost out of what I was using and I’m so glad I found this because all of these products are amazing!! Thanks so much for this video!

  • angel luo

    i’m really gald i’m …
    i’m really gald i’m not the only one with skin that becomes red easily : )

  • Rosielove81

    I love watching …
    I love watching your videos! :D by the way you’re very pretty . but uhm do you have any products you recommend from benefit? :)

  • Dalia Gonzalez

    I have that …
    I have that foundation :D I can’t wait to apply it like you did!

  • MirrorImage17

    Does anyone know, …
    Does anyone know, if there’s a possibility to get my hands on the foundation in Germany? Any Onlineshop, which ships to Germany maybe?

  • jalenxovictoria

    my mom and I went …
    my mom and I went to sephora and I saw this foundation and tried it on my hand and my mom was so impressed i think she wants to get it :)

  • JessieJ1096

    Check …

    Check out my channel! currently spring make up tutorial!

  • goodtimes099

    is the Tarte …
    is the Tarte foundation good for summer? ***vote this up so she can see it! <3

  • Miranda Mongold

    Is the Tarte …
    Is the Tarte foundation good for dry skin?

  • cantmesswiththebest

    you can buy that …
    you can buy that foundation at sephora

  • Teti117

    Loveee ALL your …
    Loveee ALL your videos!!! Keep up the great work!!! Do you use a primer with this foundation?

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