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Making your own concealer/corrector is really easy. All you need is a Pink/Red or Orange lipstick. I used OCC lip tars but a lipstick is just the same.

By combining these colours with your own concealer you start to rearrange the colour making a corrector. A plus is that you also change the texture of the concealer – so if you have a concealer that is very dry in texture you can make it more emollient by adding the lipstick.

Go slow, build colour gradually.

Learning to use correctors can massively change your face by adding BRIGHTNESS rather than lightness.

Women of colour can really benefit from correctors because they cancel out the ashiness that can often result from using a concealer that is too light.

Personally speaking i prefer a more “bisque” shade of corrector than peach/salmon but this is a personal choice. They look amazing.

Bobbi Brown
Eve Pearl
Makeup Atelier Paris

All make wonderful correctors.

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    @tablrhd yes. this …
    @tablrhd yes. this is really fantastic. And, i really got shocked when i receive my maybelline beauty kit without any dime @ my home yesterday. i found it here >>>

  • poisonsf

    great tip going to …
    great tip going to do that asap
    quick question have you tried the new l’oreal studio secrets color correctors ?
    i wanted to get you feedback on these correctors they come in three shades i think green bronze pink and a drk nude shade
    if you do a review i really like to see what you think
    cheers mike

  • hbdjkfgu570574024

    he is and looks …
    he is and looks handsome in all videos

  • guelperisirvan

    I love all your …
    I love all your videos!!!!! 333333

  • Dando0o0o0sha

    He looks like a …
    He looks like a vampire in this video ;p

  • GNRdream

    Wow! You never …
    Wow! You never ceaze to amaze me! I learn so much from you!

  • grimworm

    What a great vid! …
    What a great vid! I wonder though, what would work with a light olive skin tone?

  • Calena1230

    great idea, i’m …
    great idea, i’m gonna go do this with my orange corrector and concealer, will this help it go smoother if its a one step process? sometimes i feel i’m just adding one layer after another underneath my eyes…..

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  • Renay0725

    i use the nw25 …
    i use the nw25 concealer from mac, could i mix that with an orange color corrector??

  • SoIAmNica

    you look good in …
    you look good in this vid!

  • lippypara

    This actually …
    This actually worked for me (: i had to use an orangy lip stick as im mixed race, helped alot !! thankss


    the first one that …
    the first one that you mixed actually loooks like the ben nye mellow yellow color

  • blackdragonstar1

    that was pretty …
    that was pretty cool

  • Julie3810

    The way I …
    The way I understand it…the pink, if you have pale skin with a cool undertone. If you burn in the sun and never tan (like me) you are cool and should use the pink. I am going to purchase the lightest shade of Bisque corrector I can find and give it a try. Concealers have a tendency to make me look like an old bag (under the eye). Hopefully the corrector will be better. Good luck! :)

  • oshiney

    Really usefull …
    Really usefull Thanks! Ill try it!

  • shannondawn44

    Yes , same for me …
    Yes , same for me aswell . I’m so pale that I have a hard time finding foundations and concealers that are light enough for me . I was wondering with skin as pale as mine is , should I add the pink, or the peach color to my concealer ?

  • JNoOoN1011

    love it
    love it

  • Julie3810

    I had the same …
    I had the same question. I’m a redhead with pale skin. It seems like adding a darker corrector under my eyes would make me look tired and orange. I would love to know the perfect color of corrector to use!

  • LeshlyWasHere

    Green Concealer or …
    Green Concealer or Green Primer

  • Shanaynay556

    if im nc20 what …
    if im nc20 what color should i mix with my concealer for under the eyes?

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