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Long Term Effects of Using Different Kinds of Make-Up on Health

You would have thanked your make up several times in your life for supporting you on so many important occasions, for making you a centre of attraction at night clubs and for making you emerge as a glamour doll at fashion events. But have you really given it a thought that make up could be harming your health too. Like every coin has two sides, applying make up too can have its own pros and cons. However, with little extra care and caution, one can make the best of make up without harming one’s health.

The Effects of Tattoo and Permanent Make Up

Tattoos have been evoking a lot of ire from health specialists throughout the world. The reason is that many pigments used in tattoo inks are not approved for direct contact with the skin. Not only that, several other safety issues such as adverse reactions of the colours of the tattoos, infections resulting from tattooing and tattoo removal considerations have added fuel to the fire.

To save oneself from getting into the above mentioned health disorders, one can use temporary tattoos which are easy to remove. Also make sure that the tattoos you are using have pigments approved by the regulatory health authorities so that they do not harm the skin.

Using Regular Make Up

The common make up that most of us use also suffers from various side effects. Studies show that some chemicals known as athletes and parabens may lead to the development of cancer. Chemicals can also cause dark circles, pimples, premature aging, acne and other infections. Many companies have today started avoiding making use of such harmful chemicals into their products. Whenever shopping for cosmetics, ensure that you do not compromise with the quality. Before trying a new cream or face powder, do not forget to read the labels and investigate into the chemicals used in them.

Pros and Cons of Mineral Make Up

Mineral make up has become the order of the day today. So many celebrities have switched from regular make up to mineral make up for several reasons. The biggest benefit of using mineral make up is that it is free from chemicals and preservatives. This allows your skin pores to breathe easily. The ingredients of mineral make up are oil free and hence prove to be a boon for oily skin. The other minerals help in the long term protection of the skin from sunlight and dust.

But like regular make up, some minerals too end up harming the bodies. Using some minerals can be itchy and can turn the face red. But this can be easily avoided by identifying minerals that reacts with your skin type. Using mineral make up with a little caution can bring positive results.

One can also do away with most of the harmful effects of make up by ensuring that one washes one’s face off before going to bed. Also do not use old mascara and other beauty items for a long time and replace them with new products. Try not indulging into heavy make up and keep it light for most of the occasions.

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