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How do you schedule a makeup appointment?

I need to make a makeup appointment for prom this Saturday (I know, it's last minute). I would like to get it done at any of the makeup counter in Macy's. How do you find the number to call to schedule an appointment? And, is there any way I can make an appointment online?

The Answer by Elle :

Just go in or call the mall and get transfered to the makeup counter.

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  • Elle

    Just go in or call the mall and get transfered to the makeup counter.
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  • *Amanda*

    I am not sure how the mall makeup counters work but You could try to find a local Mary Kay Representative and they will come to your house and do a full facial… they may expect you to buy something though.
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  • No Other L

    you can go to carson and get your make up done or just look on the internet for carson phone number and call them and then go
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  • sassysormui

    If u go to the counter, they can give u an appointment for that day or u can just call up macy's & ask to get connect to which ever cosmetic brand counter u want……. & make an appointment through the phone….. Here is the thing, department store cosmetic counter give free make over only with products purchases but if u dont buy anything you'll have to pay…. how much? I dont know but u can ask them when u make the appointment….. Ask them what is the minimum purchase for a free makeup make over or something like that …….. Otherwise, many salon offer makeup services so u can get your hair & make up done together… Enjoy your prom =)
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  • RoxyGrl21♥

    usually.. well at my macys..

    u go right in and they take u . =]

    .. had it done before.!

    best of luck. my wishes to ya.!
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  • kbos

    Your best bet is to call a local spa or salon.
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